8 Interesting facts about Santorini

Over the last few years, Santorini has managed to make its presence felt in the tourist industry, becoming one of the most famous destinations worldwide. The main reasons why it’s popular, are its unique sunsets over the caldera and the scenic streets full of white-washed houses. Plenty of people, choose…

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Reasons to wake up early in Santorini

Undoubtedly, Santorini is mostly famous for its unique sunset views. But in this blog post, we want to showcase that this beautiful island is always full of life, ready to offer you a wonderful experience. Read the full article and let us highlight all the morning activities worth enjoying in Santorini!

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Santorini from A to Z

Astonishingly beautiful at any time of the year, the island of Santorini, the southernmost in the popular Cyclades islands in the Aegean, is truly a sight to behold. Discover all its secrets in alphabetical order.   AKROTIRI The site of a prehistoric settlement destroyed by a volcano eruption and buried in…

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Santorini & Architecture

The spectacular natural landscape dominates the scene, anything man-made would literally disrupt the aesthetic harmony of the natural environment and would fade before the majesty of Nature.

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