Lauda Restaurant


Lauda Restaurant

Fine Dining at Lauda Restaurant of Andronis Boutique Hotel

In the prelude to Santorini’s global acclaim, Oia exuded tranquility, its population a mere 306 souls nestled by the caldera’s edge. In 1971, amidst this picturesque backdrop, Lauda, Oia’s inaugural dining haven, emerged, steeped in tradition and adorned with the village’s sole communication link.

Today, Lauda Restaurant remains devoted to preserving the essence of its historic roots, inviting its valued guests to embark on a fine dining romantic voyage amidst breathtaking vistas and unparalleled flavors. With a commitment to sourcing only the finest local ingredients, Lauda promises a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary, solidifying its status as Santorini’s culinary pinnacle.

We graciously remind our esteemed guests that both indoor and al fresco dining areas are smoke-free sanctuaries. Additionally, to maintain an atmosphere of refined serenity, we regret to inform that children under 13 and beloved pets are unable to join in this gastronomic odyssey

Lycabettus Restaurant


Lycabettus Restaurant

Fine Dining at Lycabettus Restaurant of Andronis Luxury Suites

Lycabettus restaurant, once the cover of National Geographic and always acclaimed as the most beautiful balcony on Santorini, epitomizes the pinnacle of fine dining, seamlessly melding exquisite cuisine with unparalleled service amidst one of the globe’s most magnificent vistas. Commanding an awe-inspiring panorama of the Aegean Sea, dining at Lycabettus is an experience that conjures profound and enduring emotions, heightened by the celestial canopy overhead.

Under the culinary stewardship of Head Chef, Christos Karagiannis, Lycabettus showcases a repertoire of menus that pay homage to the island’s bounty. Infused with creativity and reverence for tradition, each dish embarks diners on an extraordinary gastronomic odyssey, inviting them to rediscover and rejuvenate their palates. The dedication and proficiency of the Lycabettus team underscore their unwavering commitment to excellence, a commitment that has earned Lycabettus acclaim as one of Oia’s premier dining establishments.

We kindly remind our distinguished guests that smoking is strictly prohibited in both the Cliff and Lounge Areas. Furthermore, in accordance with our dedication to providing an ambiance of refined sophistication, we regret to inform that children under the age of 13 and cherished pets are regrettably unable to partake in the Lycabettus experience.