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We Embrace You And Your Entire Well-Being

Join us in celebrating the tangible and powerful energy of Santorini Island.
The natural infrared radiation from the islands Hellenic Volcanic Arc creates a perfect combination of restoring Chi with Andronis’ well-appointed treatments and warm hospitality. Our highly trained spa and wellness teams look forward to welcoming you, and sharing with you, what will be an unparalleled experience.

Our Spas


Evexia Spa

Indulge your body, relax your Mind, ignite your Spirit.
A visit to Evexia is a chance to escape the stresses of daily life and give yourself up to the indulgent treatments created by our dedicated spa team. Santorini is blessed with spirit-enhancing energy, a revitalising force that calms the soul and revives the spirit.
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Cave Waterfall
Santorini, Andronis, Greece

Kallos Spa

Indulge in our specially curated wellness spa therapies that are bound to rejuvenate you from within
A visit to the Kallos Spa is about time for yourself, a spa journey in one of the most celebrated traditional healthcare destinations on earth – Santorini.
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Mare Sanus Spa

The bewitching island of Santorini exudes an amazing zen-like energy making it the ideal setting for you to explore deep mind and body relaxation and rejuvenation.
Find your inner balance under the Mediterranean sky, looking out over the endless blue Aegean, high on the cliff of the caldera.
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Visiting Practitioners 2023

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Boyan Dobrev
8-20 August 2023

Osteopath, the Body-Mind Connection
Boyan is a UK-trained osteopath who has helped thousands of patients become healthier and feel more empowered when it comes to their physical health and mental well-being. Please book your Osteopathy treatment in Evexia, Kallos or Mare Sanus Spa in person or contact our Director of Spa & Wellness at

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Simela Chalkidou
1-22 August

Visiting Nutrition Counselor
Simela is a trained Macrobiotic Health Counselor and Chef and a Life Coach. She has been teaching the macrobiotic way of nutrition and living to her clients in Spain and Greece for the last 13 years. Nutrition Consultancy is available on request at Kallos Spa in Andronis Concept Wellness Resort. Please contact the Spa reception


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Eleni Panajotidis
16-20 August

Happiness Coach
Eleni is an expert for stress-relief, happiness and modern well-being. She worked with people from all around the world. She has discovered many different cultures and countries.

Please contact our Director of Spa & Wellness for private booking with Eleni:


Nicole Marry 
16-20 August

Parenting Coach
Nicole helps you be the ideal version of you, whatever your role is in your family.  She helps you master your own emotions and perceptions, so you live a very conscious, loving, powerful life.

Please contact our Director of Spa & Wellness for private booking with Nicole:

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The Three Essences by Andronis

We source our essences from an organic farm in Crete, where the soul of the plants – the petals, roots and leaves - are distilled into essential oils of high healing vibration that have a tangible effect on your physical body, your state of mind and your spiritual wellbeing.


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Ease aching muscles
Clear the mind
Renew the spirit


Santorini, Andronis, Greece

Harmonize the emotions
Calm the mood
Restore inner calm


Santorini, Andronis, Greece

Promote inner joy
Feed passion for life
Love yourself


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Throughout her lifetime, Andrea has been always dedicated to a wellbeing lifestyle. She is a holistic therapist, beautician, hairstylist, make-up artist as well a dedicated movement & lifestyle coach (Yoga, Pilates, Mind-Body-Dance etc.). In her international career she has been working for luxury hotel brands as well as for private investors and luxury brands. Today, she is the Group Director Spa & Wellness for all Andronis hotels and her mantra is that happiness comes from within.