Andronis Wellness

Moderation in all things

Andronis Wellness provides our guests with the opportunity to take a break from their routine and discover the most innovative relaxation, meditation, and stress management techniques.

Our approach to wellness is simple; we consider your entire well-being as a unique individual. By giving our guests a full range of offerings that embrace body, mind and spirit, along with a unique wellness screening, and daily guidance from our trained wellness practicioner; it is our hope that you will recognize your full potential, find your balance, and reset your inner beauty. The bewitching island of Santorini exudes an amazing zen-like energy, making it the ideal setting for you to explore deep mind and body relaxation. In this calm and tranquil setting, find your inner balance under the Mediterranean sky, looking out over the endless blue Aegean.

Discover our signature experiences

Be destressed

Kapetanakis Studios-25

Morning Calm

Kundalini Dance

Body Scan Awareness

Aerial Yoga

Be rested


The Big Sleep

Sound Healing

Stretch and Flex

Water Therapy

Be balanced

Santorini, Andronis, Greece

Mindful Eating

Face Mapping

Liquid Motion

Yoga Therapy

Wellness Screening

Unlock your epigenetic potential with our wellness analysis program using the technology of hair profiling…. In today’s world, we have many common influences that can have an impact on our body’s underlying wellbeing. These include the foods we eat and the nutrients that are absorbed, mental and physical emotional stressors, habits we have created in order to resist and exist, along with many common environmental influences at home and at work. These influences create epigenetic markers which reshape our gene expression and play a major role in our wellbeing. With the proper guidance and understanding, we can take control of our own wellness outcome! Andronis has partnered with Dr. Zulia Frost to provide our wellness practitioners with the tools to analyze your personal epigenetic indicators. Each mapping provides personal information based on the findings analyzed from 4 strands of hair. It is our hope that you will recognize your own unique potential to develop your healthiest future ahead. read more

Wellness Screening Session

Santorini, Andronis, Greece
Each session begins with the exploration of Balneo-therapy.  Guests are guided through a series of contrast bathing exercises, followed by a quieting of the mind through simple breathing practice. A short consultation gives way to the wellness screening and an in-depth review of the hair profiling analysis and epigenetic indicators that are revealed through the testing. (guests are asked to come to the session with bathing suits)

The Andronis Wellness Journey for a Day!

Santorini, Andronis, Greece
Enjoy the exploration of our wellness screening session, followed by a holistic body massage, focusing on the techniques of chi nei tsang for the abdomen, with the aromas of our Be Rested pillar of wellness Be Rested – Rosemary, Lavender, Lemongrass Relax your emotions – harmonize and calm the mind – restore your inner calm

A Journey into your Inner Balance

Day 1


The Art of Bathing through Balneo-therapy, along with our Wellness Screening and Analysis.

Day 2

Nutritional review of screening results – A look at the foods that are suggested in your screening results and their nutritional value.

Manipura Full Body Massage – The third energy center of the body is the manipura chakra or the solar plexus chakra. This chakra strengthens the digestive system and diaphragm. The solar plexus focuses on the power and autonomy of metabolism. The element for the solar plexus is fire. activating the fire within moderate’s body temperature helps in food digestion. It represents yellow, which brings brightness and the balance of energy.

Day 3

Mindful Eating session – Mindful eating focuses on your eating experiences, body-related sensations, and thoughts and feelings about food, with heightened awareness and without judgment. Attention is paid to the foods being chosen, internal and external physical cues, and your responses to those cues. The goal is to promote a more enjoyable meal experience and understanding of our eating environment. The Big Sleep – Learn some simple movements to prepare for a restful sleep. Designed to help you wind down, stretch out and feel relaxed, this short and gentle mindfulness practice will help you calm the nervous system and prepare for a healthy night of rest.

Family Time at Evexia Spa

The impact of family interaction cannot be underestimated. At Andronis, our ultimate goal of family time is to create opportunities for the whole family to spend time together, experiencing new ideas and activities. Shared memories together strengthen family ties.  Let the Andronis family assist you to build healthy bonds with your family!

Family Body Painting

A joyful experience for the whole family based around the body painting traditions of the rainforest. This experience begins with a very gentle body scrub, followed by mud painting, and a refreshing outdoor rinse.  Unleash the artist in all of you and use each other’s skin as your canvas!

Foot Mapping


Interactive foot mapping massage with mom or dad. Your kids can learn about foot mapping, how their feet mirror the image of their bodies with this interactive coloring map.

Kids can swim


Finding comfort and ease in the water is not always easy for kids. Our aqua experts guide your kids through fun and safety in the water. Enjoyment for them, and peace of mind for you!

The Andronis Art Space at Kallos spa

Why should kids have all the fun! Come discover what the wonderful, freeing effect our island paradise can have on your creativity and wonderment. Adults only, well, those tapping into their “Inner Child”. Andronis invites you to immerse yourself in a world of painted colors, be puzzled by a puzzle, or maybe just sketch a thought…it’s your time to play!

Sketch Artist

Round elements hanging of the glass ceiling in Kallos Spa, Andronis Concept Wellness Resort in Santorini

Sketch your thoughts or preserve your moments visually. Abstract or details, its up to you.

Picasso in Training

Santorini, Andronis, Greece

Create your own painting to remember your vacation journey. The canvas is blank so you can paint your memories as you see them.

Colour my world


Coloring has a therapeutic effect on adult stress. Escape the heat and immerse yourself in the world of coloring.

Our Spas

Evexia Spa at Andronis Arcadia
Evexia Spa Santorini_!
Evexia Spa Santorini

Evexia Spa

Indulge your body, relax your Mind, ignite your Spirit.
A visit to Evexia is a chance to escape the stresses of daily life and give yourself up to the indulgent treatments created by our dedicated spa team. Santorini is blessed with spirit-enhancing energy, a revitalising force that calms the soul and revives the spirit.
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Concierge 2

Kallos Spa

Indulge in our specially curated wellness spa therapies that are bound to rejuvenate you from within
A visit to the Kallos Spa is about time for yourself, a spa journey in one of the most celebrated traditional healthcare destinations on earth – Santorini.
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Mare Sanus Spa

The bewitching island of Santorini exudes an amazing zen-like energy making it the ideal setting for you to explore deep mind and body relaxation and rejuvenation.
Find your inner balance under the Mediterranean sky, looking out over the endless blue Aegean, high on the cliff of the caldera.
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ILA products

ILA Products

An ancient Sanskrit word for Mother Earth, ila is a beyond organic skin and heart care brand which aims to do something very simple, but also completely revolutionary.

Ila products and treatments are designed to promote palpable biological and emotional change in those that experience them – both through touch and smell.

Because what we put on our skin directly nourishes and calms our heart – the centre of emotional wellbeing, energy and vitality, and an incredible 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell.

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Spa Professional

Visiting Practitioners 2022


May 24th – June 2nd
Evexia Spa, Andronis Arcadia

With over a decade of experience as a bodywork practitioner in the health and wellness industry, Laura has mastered the art of her trade. She uses a holistic and anatomically informed approach to design a unique treatment for each guest.


June 10th – 20th | Kallos Yoga Studio
August 15th – 29th | Evexia Spa

Having spent the majority of his life submersing himself in a plethora of various cultures and philosophies, Douglas has learned that the moments and experiences in life we all share require our full attention to truly appreciate. Douglas gives back to a world whose collective minds are in dire need of peace and tranquility.


June 27th -29th | Evexia Spa
June 30th  & July 1st  | Kallos Yoga Studio

Ross is a women’s health expert and registered acupuncturist.
Specialising in Five Element Acupuncture – the ancient Chinese theory that mind, body and spirit are made up of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water – his work involves balancing these energies to achieve ultimate wellbeing.


July 12th – 22nd | Kallos Yoga Studio
July 23rd – August 2nd | Evexia Spa

Tammy offers a variety of approaches for wellness, healing, and connection.

For her, life is an inward and outward journey to expand the relationship with our self, each other, and Mother Earth.

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