Welcome to Beefbar Santorini

The foreseeing Summer of 2023 is pleasantly welcoming the first Beefbar to ever open in Santorini in the iconic Andronis Arcadia and invites you all to be part of an exciting voyage filled with exquisite tastes and aromas!

The Restaurant


The Restaurant

Full of contrasts, Beefbar breaks with rigid, traditional codes. Through its glamorous architectural lines & bold menu, food is becoming an experience of itself while incorporating a modern luxury feel through elegance, excellence and simplicity to any part of the world.

Overlooking the crystal waters of Aegean, allow us to welcome you on board the most fascinating epicurean journey of this summer!

Please note that smoking is prohibited at both open air & inside areas of the restaurant. Additionally, pets are not allowed in the restaurant.

The Menu


The Menu

A journey based on 3 substantial pillars:

Street food inspired by the most popular recipes from around the world

Great meat cuts sourced in Australia, Japan and the United States

Iconic dishes, from sides to main and desserts


The Chef


The Chef

Chef George Kyrtsallidis loves to work in busy kitchens with high standards and a team player attitude. He is constantly aiming to learn new things and thrive under pressure together with his team.

As a native Greek who has resided and worked both in Belgium and Denmark, he credits his culinary range to the great teachers who have welcomed him into their kitchens throughout his journeys, and the diverse techniques he has tried and mastered.

Beefbar Santorini


Beefbar Santorini

Beefbar; a concept born in Monte-Carlo, exceptionally created by Riccardo Giraudi and highlighting the world’s finest products since 2005.

Cédric Capron Interior Designer & Master craftsman in plastering painting and decoration, relies on an international culture in the field of construction & design. His “smart & sexy” artistic direction is inspired by current trends in fashion and art.

Virgil Donat, Architect & Designer, conceptualizes and stages the space, transforming each creation into a thoughtful and charismatic universe.

By shaking up the codes, the two virtuosos, renowned for their broad range of styles, create unique, sophisticated and welcoming experiences.