Casual & Fine dining restaurants in Santorini island & Athens

Lycabettus restaurant

Welcome to Lycabettus

Dining at Lycabettus is one of the highlights of your holiday in Santorini. The elegant but decontracted restaurant combines the finest cuisine and tailored service with one of the world’s most beautiful outdoor dining rooms.

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Welcome to Lauda Restaurant

Welcome to Lauda Restaurant in Oia, experience the Santorinian tradition along with international culinary trends.

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Welcome to Pacman Sunset Restaurant

Following Andronis Arcadia’s lifestyle, Pacman Sunset Restaurant-Bar welcomes you in a vibrant & boho-chic area, designed to allow you to Chase Your Senses. A combination of earth architecture and fine dining cuisine of a selected team that is always ready to share its passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences.

The magnificent alfresco space provides guests with unspoiled views of Oia’s spectacular sunsets and a wide range of food and drink choices, delivering class, flavor, and excellence.

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Welcome to Throubi Restaurant

Following the resort’s holistic philosophy of health and wellness, Throubi restaurant celebrates the Santorinian gastronomy under the guidance of a selected team, always ready to share its passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences.

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iFeel Athens

At any time of the day, a warm welcome and genuine smile will greet you at iFeel. The simple yet delicious menu and eclectic décor have made this the perfect “home-from-home” local bar and restaurant.

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Beefbar Santorini_HeroShot_Sunset

Welcome to Beefbar Santorini

Prepare to embark on the most unique flavorsome journey.

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