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About Pacman Restaurant

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About Pacman Restaurant

Following Andronis Arcadia’s lifestyle, Pacman Sunset Restaurant-Bar welcomes you in a vibrant & boho-chic area, designed to allow you to Chase Your Senses. A combination of earth architecture and fine dining cuisine of a selected team that is always ready to share its passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences.

The magnificent alfresco space provides guests with unspoiled views of Oia’s spectacular sunsets and a wide range of food and drink choices, delivering class, flavor, and excellence.

Please note that smoking is prohibited at both open air & inside areas of the restaurant. Additionally, pets are not allowed in the restaurant. 

A unique concept in Santorini

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A unique concept in Santorini


Sunset Restaurant Bar with culinary wonders, drinks & events.
Located right by the infinity pool, the Pool Bar serves up extraordinary signature cocktails along with undisturbed view of Oia’s magnificent sunset. Book your seat to experience the most memorable sunset of your life!

Stefanos Kolimadis


Stefanos Kolimadis

Executive Chef Stefanos Kolimadis is a highly talented and skilled professional.

He gained experience in the best restaurants in the world, exploring new flavors, textures, and techniques to create a singular dining experience. His attention to detail makes him passionate about using high-quality ingredients, along with the best spices.

Chef Kolimadis’ expertise and attention to every plate create unforgettable delights for your palate.

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