The best restaurants in Santorini by Andronis

The island of romance and sweeping vistas that has captivated the world for so long, Santorini is truly a place where dreams are made of. While views and vibes are enough to sate your soul, it is the food that will make you fall in love with the island a new, in a way you never imagined. And some of the most indulgent meals on the island are to be had at the 5 best restaurants in Santorini by Andronis, scattered around the island’s most iconic spots.

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Eros & Psyche – When the God of love fell in love

Love has always been a driving force in people’s lives. Over the years, artists have been influenced by this strong emotion creating masterpieces that present the audience with remarkable feelings even today. However, in Greek Mythology, love was not only a strong emotion but a God too…God Eros (Cupid in Latin), who fell in love with a mortal, Psyche (meaning Soul). Let’s unveil one of the most powerful love stories, the myth of Eros & Psyche!

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The history of Santorini – A step back in time

Santorini has been a place of significant importance since time immemorial.
Through the years, it changed shape, names, and residents. It survived volcanic eruptions, several pirate invasions, and colonizations. But its location, the rich culture of its inhabitants, and the adversity it went through are what formed the island as we know it today. Let’s take a step back in time and unveil the history of Santorini…

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Unraveling Greek Christmas Traditions

Christmas in Greece is one of the most remarkable times of the year. As soon as December starts, the spirit of the season fills the homes and every corner of the country. Shiny lights, festive songs and distinctive aromas take over, preparing people for the celebration of Christmas day and the new year to come. From decoration to sweets, Greek Christmas traditions and customs are special. Take a look at some of those that make holidays memorable.

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Top adventurous activities in Santorini

It is widely accepted that vacations are meant for resting and peace. Here at Andronis, we disagree. Simply because we believe that vacations have a different purpose for each one of our guests. Many travelers seek relaxation and tranquility in order to escape the burdens and responsibilities of their everyday life. On the other hand, there are plenty of explorers out there, who crave adventures and risks in order to feel alive and free. As we have stated in the past plenty of times, Santorini is a place for all tastes. So now it’s time to show you the best Adventure Activities in Santorini.

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Honeymoon in Santorini

Honeymoon in Santorini is the dream of every romantic couple. It’s an island full of dreamy views, idyllic landscapes and loving activities. The setting is ideal for you to fall in love, not only with the island itself but also with the person you are visiting it with. We know that planning a wedding can be quite stressful, this is why we created this article full of tips in order to make the planning of your honeymoon a breeze.

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3+1 Reasons to come back to Santorini

Once you visited this beautiful island, you were for sure enchanted. That alone is a reason for you to visit Santorini again. But what about the hidden gems? Did you have enough time to discover them? Just in case you need more convincing, in this article we gathered 4 more reasons to visit Santorini again!

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An οde to Santorini wines

Santorini is an island known for its rich wine and food variety. Since time immemorial the locals have been creating unique flavors that can amaze even the most pretentious palates. Join us and our Head of Wine, Sotiris Kandylis at the story of Santorini wines. Santorini Wines across history Production…

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