Experience Santorini & Paros islands the Andronis way

There is nothing like going to Greece. The land of mythological Gods rarely disappoints, neither does the tried and tested of sea, sun and history. Set off from Athens to Santorini and Paros islands for the perfect example of this trifecta – a lifetime opportunity to experience Greece’s crown jewels that make this Mediterranean gem a magnet for visitors worldwide, year upon year. So if you’ve got your eye on Greece already and want to visit its top locations in absolute comfort and show-stopping style, Andronis Hotels have a few ideas on crafting the perfect Greek escape across these iconic island locations.



After arriving in Athens, your Greek escape continues with the poster child of Greek summer. In Santorini, be prepared to pick up your jaw off the floor often, as this photogenic island is full of wide expanses and lots of nooks and crannies for capturing quintessential Cycladic postcard snapshots.


The main towns include Fira that will charm you with its central location and white-washed cubist houses, Imerovigli, which is one for those who seek a serene retreat, and Oia village that steals the show with the famous direct sunset views from various promontories. Perch yourself on one of them with an exquisite glass of local wine and experience nature’s most spectacular light show, up front and center at one of the best luxury hotels in Santorini.


Curious about what to do in Santorini? We suggest you simply follow your mood. History lovers should check Akrotiri – the Greek Pompeii. A whole town was preserved in volcanic ash following the eruption of the Volcano several hundred years ago. Walk around the site and see how life flowed back then. You can also embark on a sailing trip around the island, taking you to the Red, White and Black beaches, as well as the hot springs where swimming is actively encouraged. Then you have a wide array of world famous wineries, as well as top restaurants in Santorini coupling stunning views with exquisite flavours. Each day in Santorini is yours to experience as you wish.



Your Greek escape culminates in Paros, a fast-becoming Greek summer darling, and it’s not hard to see why. Its diversity is its main trump card, as it caters to a wide cross section of visitor profiles that includes families, couples and the young generation alike. Paros is known for its tranquil spots as well as its livelier ones, while it is no stranger to spectacular beaches.


Arriving at the main port village, Parikia, you are greeted by a windmill – an emblematic Cycladic feature. Parikia itself is laid-back and frequented by locals. Spotlight on Naoussa, which is the most vibrant part of the island. It is a buzzing place that is fantastic for walking around the cobblestone streets, leading down to the seafront and the remains of the 15th century Venetian Castle. As the sun sets, Naoussa turns into a nightlife haven. It may be a great location for exploring, however if you are in search of a more tranquil spot for your stay, Andronis Hotels have created one that holds all the expressions of Mediterranean aura: Andronis Minois – the latest addition to our tally and the home of the island’s most elevated dining venue that commands disarming sea views.


In terms of natural beauty, Paros island is a diverse set of sandy enclaves that feature rocky coves. The beach Kolymbithres has an otherworldly appeal with amenities and shallow waters that are great for families. Other lovely beach options are tranquil Parasporos, the lively Pounda, Piperi, and Molos. Note that there are plenty of sensational Paros activities to take part in while the active ones among you will be pleased to know that the island is a water sports mecca that attracts thousands of visitors for windsurfing and kitesurfing at New Golden Beach.

A trip from Athens to Santorini and Paros islands is a great way to discover some of the best places Greece has to offer. These are two of the top island destinations to visit if you wish to experience the full scale of Greece’s charm in one go. If you have already decided on a Greek escape starting from Athens to Santorini and Paros islands with a large party, you may want to take a look at these luxury villas in Santorini & Paros that provide ample space, privacy and exclusivity.

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Ode to the Santorini Sunset – Sights & Feelings

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In Santorini, you’d likely require even more just to capture the breathtaking reality of its sunset, and this is no exaggeration. Santorini stands out as one of the most singularly beautiful places in  God’s creation, boasting a landscape that gracefully oscillates between the heavenly and the sublime. The renowned Santorini sunset, a spectacle etched in cosmic fairytales, ranks among the most photographed on Earth. To truly grasp its jaw-dropping beauty, there’s no better vantage point than through the prism of  Andronis Hotels, located in both Oia and Imerovigli—your gateway to experiencing the magic of Santorini as it was meant to be.

Santorini sunset in Oia – Myth vs Reality

Perched atop the vertiginous cliffs of Oia, a multitude of people eagerly anticipate the daily nature show of the Santorini sunset. While loved-up couples stroll hand in hand along the tight cobblestone streets, families with excited children also gather, gradually assembling at the edges of the Caldera to catch a glimpse of the sun as it gracefully dips into the sea.

Witnessing sundown in the streets of Oia can be an overwhelming reality, with first-time visitors torn between the eagerness to witness this natural spectacle and the challenge of detaching themselves from the crowd of others attempting the same thing.

Andronis’ collection features some of the best hotels in Oia where you will find yourselves immersed into the cart-postale frame that has made Santorini famous worldwide. Capture the mythical beauty of the Santorini sunset by tucking yourselves away from the passerby crowds into the exclusive privacy of Andronis’  spell-binding settings. Like the sunset-strewn Socrates Santorini villa with private  inifinity pool, for instance, reserved just for two, including other luxury accommodation options worth exploring within Andronis Luxury Suites, and the other properties of the group.

The latter also boasts the island’s most iconic spot for admiring the soul-stirring sunset coupled with tantalizing haute cuisine. Lycabettus Restaurant is more than a fine dining restaurant in Oia – it is a place where dreams are woven into reality, evoking endless feelings against a cinematic backdrop that goes from candy-colored to starlit skies.

On the chance that you’re feeling something a little bit more upbeat to go with your Santorini sunset experience, head over to Pacman Sunset Restaurant and feast your senses with impeccable flavours and exquisite drinks within a stunning Andronis  Arcadia Hotel 5-star in Santorini’s, Oia, renowned for its iconic sunset views over the Caldera.

Santorini sunset in Imerovigli – Sights & Sounds

Should you yearn to escape the bustling scene, a haven with equally captivating  Santorini sunset views awaits in Imerovigli. While the spectacle of the sun directly sinking into the sea is most prominent in Oia, it’s not this detail that makes the experience so extraordinary. The true essence of a Santorini sunset lies in its afterglow—the tangible sense of wonder, hope, and awe that permeates the air. It’s a shared moment of appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. As the sun gradually descends, time appears to stand still, the horizon becoming a canvas painted in ever-changing hues of pink, orange, and gold.

And speaking of golden sunset hues, few places have a better view than Throubi Restaurant in Imerovigli, which is where you will also start your mornings with stunning breakfast vistas if you decide to stay at Andronis Concept. The skies appear even vaster here, with the expanse of the ridge where this Santorini Imerovigli luxury resort with private infinity pool suites are located calling you to open your soul. This location is made for those who wish to dip in and out of the hustle and bustle of Oia’s popularity, focusing on a more tranquil stay experience as their day-to-day.

As you return to your chosen Andronis hotel, whether in Oia or Imerovigli, you’ll bear witness to memories destined to last a lifetime. While the sun may bid adieu to yet another day in Santorini, its enduring beauty and enchantment persist, inspiring and captivating all fortunate enough to experience its allure.


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Discover the best family hotels in Santorini

One of the poster children of Greek summer, Santorini hardly needs introductions. It features a lot on social media reels about iconic summer destinations that try to capture the essence of this timeless place. Yet the great majority will be focused on the adult guest and romantic experiences for couples. And here are some truths about Santorini that you may not know; it is not just for couples Beaches in Santorini are not why people flock to it. And lastly, Andronis Hotels may just have the best family hotels in Santorini. So, if you’re planning a holiday with the family in the Cyclades, do not overlook Santorini as one for the ever-enamored. Discover Santorini for families with Andronis, and let’s rewrite the narrative of Santorini together.

Santorini Family Bliss with Andronis

If you’re traveling with kids, let us preamble that with a congratulatory salute, as we know the heroics involved in managing kids and adolescents are of Herculean proportions, especially on holidays. That said, kids are why we’re here, so seeing a smile on their faces is all we need. Right?

Chances are, you’ll be staying at Oia or Imerovigli, the two main settlements. Each one offers a different type of experience, as Oia is certainly livelier, while Imerovigli is mostly chill. Staying in Oia means you are easily in and out of the hotel, exploring the vibrant town and all it has to offer at any given time; staying in Imerovigli, you will need to catch our luxury shuttle service to Oia and other locations, but it is walking distance to Imerovigli town along the Caldera.

Best family hotels in Santorini, Oia: Andronis Arcadia

If you choose to stay in Oia, then make a beeline for Andronis Arcadia, a luxury resort that combines traditional Santorinian architecture with contemporary design, like a bohemian dreamscape. What sets it apart as one of the best family hotels in Santorini is its commitment to providing a serene and welcoming environment for guests of all ages, especially toddlers and adolescents.

Children are treated like little VIPs at Andronis Arcadia, as is tradition in Greece, where kids are regularly fussed over. The hotel offers a range of kid-friendly activities, from arts and crafts to cooking classes, ensuring the younger guests have a memorable and enjoyable stay.

The family experiences at Andronis Arcadia, are plentiful. Look out for the Kids spa, if you want to share a day getting pampered with the little ones. You can pair that with a kid’s yoga class. The ARCAdemy for Kids presents a thoughtfully crafted program designed for ages 4-14, featuring a variety of group activities, including engaging robotics sessions. For the energetic ones, the hotel’s tennis court provides a perfect outlet for their boundless energy.

Dining at Andronis Arcadia is a delight for families. The hotel’s restaurants feature diverse menus that cater to various tastes, including kid-friendly options. The attentive staff is always ready to accommodate special dietary requests or preferences, making dining a stress-free and enjoyable experience for families.

Note that Andronis Arcadia is fully equipped with all types of amenities for kids such as gentle baby care products like shampoos and shower gel, floaties, and baby cots amongst others. If you need information or assistance with anything that may arise, our 24/7 Concierge can assist and take the pressure off. Our Concierge is also readily available to discuss arranging family-friendly excursions, such as boat trips around the coast, to nearby islands or guided tours exploring the island’s rich history.

Best family hotels in Santorini, Imerovigli: Andronis Concept

In Imerovigli, you’ll find Andronis Concept, another gem that is one of the best family hotels in Santorini. It sits on the edge of the majestic cliffs, boasting some of the exclusive panoramic views of the Caldera. This wellness-focused hotel effortlessly combines luxury with the pleasant laid-back atmosphere that Greece is famed for.

Andronis Concept takes considerable pride and satisfaction in the way it approaches family hospitality. You’ll find that the Concierge is more than adept at tailoring unforgettable family experiences at Andronis Concept, in addition to arranging private tours, recommending family-friendly beaches, or organizing activities that suit all ages. The hotel’s commitment to excellence extends to childcare services, allowing parents to enjoy some alone time while their children are engaged in safe and enjoyable activities.

At Andronis Concept, everyone is invited to the party. And that starts with food, the element that binds all families together. So, sit around and take part in specially designed cooking lessons for every member. Family bonding extends well into healthy holiday habits, where you can partake in yoga classes with the kids. Getting them to follow the rigors of this spiritual and physical discipline from an early age can only be beneficial for them.

Similarly, it is of vital importance to keep a balance between mind and body, so the on-site tennis courts should provide sufficient physical exercise if you put in the time. Why not play a family tennis tournament? Guaranteed fun, sweat, and energy well-spent!

As you would expect, as one of the best family hotels in Santorini, Andronis Concept has a full stock of baby-related products and amenities, like baby cots and chairs, as well as board games and gentle shampoos. Therefore, you don’t need to pack your entire house when you holiday here. You will find all the bits and pieces that will make your stay a comfortable one.

Speaking of comfort, the suites and villas at Andronis Concept are designed with families in mind, offering spacious layouts and private balconies or terraces that are ideal for family get-togethers. Some accommodation even comes with private plunge pools, giving you an extra touch of exclusivity and entertainment for both parents and children.

Andronis Arcadia in Oia and Andronis Concept in Imerovigli are some of the best family hotels in Santorini, offering a harmonious blend of luxury, comfort, and family-friendly activities that will keep the nippers busy, and most importantly, ready for bedtime in the evening. From spacious accommodations to personalized services and a range of dining options, these hotels ensure that families can experience the magic of Santorini in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

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