Suites with the most epic Caldera view, Santorini

Guest lounging on the terrace sunbed, at Andronis Concept suites with the most epic Caldera view Santorini has to offer. 

Heading to Santorini? This Mediterranean gem needs no introductions. It has a unique visceral feel, where your senses are constantly intrigued, latching on to sounds, aromas and visuals. The passing scent of rosemary, thyme, and jasmin in the air, the sound of the clinking glasses raised to meet the sunset all wander along the meltemi breeze. But Santorini is a deeply visual island, where optics dictate the order of the day. And the disarming Caldera view in Santorini is what dreams are made of, so make sure you choose your accommodation accordingly at Andronis Hotels, tucked away in one of our luxury living spaces in Oia or Imerovigli.

Oia Suites with Caldera view, Santorini

Step into the postcard. If you decide to stay in Oia, you’ll be greeted by a sensory overstimulation of everything. Being in Oia means being in the center of it all, and that includes center stage at the famous Oia Santorini sunset promontories. It is the most picturesque settlement on the island and has a multitude of bars, restaurants, shops and all sorts of places where you can let loose and soak up the essence of what this Mediterranean paradise is most known for. Choose your sanctuary from our collection of the best hotels in Oia, with luxury suites boasting the most epic Caldera view Santorini has to offer. Ranging from two to four guest capacities, we invite you to take your time and browse them all. Here are a select few to give you a taste.

Luxury Suites with Caldera view, Santorini at Andronis Luxury Suites

Finding the best Caldera view in Santorini is a quest in itself. Luckily, in Oia, you’ll have the chance to experience a stay at the awarded Andronis Luxury Suites. A collection of striking sanctuaries tailored towards minimalist elegance. Like these intimate Santorini Suites with Private Infinity Pool, strictly for couples; their cleverly appointed 40m2 space and private veranda offers some of the most spellbinding volcano & Caldera views that pour into the interiors through wall to floor windows.

If you are a party of three or a couple who enjoys larger living quarters, then the 75m2 Exceptional Suite is just the thing. It basks in captivating volcano & Caldera views from its partly shaded terrace with an infinity plunge pool while the interiors are the epitome of comfort and luxury, with a large walk-in closet and everything you will need for a supremely relaxing holiday amidst hypnotic scenery.

Luxury Suites with Caldera view, Santorini at Andronis Boutique Hotel

Further along in Oia, you will find Andronis Boutique Hotel with its collection of luxury suites in Oia that are bound to enchant your senses. Like the Two Bedroom Oia Santorini Suite with private infinity pool for example. This well-appointed 80m2 suite accommodates up to 4 guests, offering a blend of convenience and privacy among guests. Ideal for two couples, here, guests get to experience Santorini’s riveting beauty in the company of friends, enjoy spacious quarters and the mesmerizing volcano & Caldera views. Two separate sleeping spaces with their own bathrooms make staying together a breeze.

Imerovigli Suites with Caldera view, Santorini

While Oia is great for newcomers, if you’ve been to Santorini before, staying in Imerovigli offers something that the more popular settlements are missing – peace and quiet. There will be less of the hustle and bustle, and more sounds of nature, but that is what you seek, afterall – tranquility. Imerovigli lets you experience a different side of the island. Here, time seems to run a little slower, giving you the opportunity to be fully present. And the view? There is nothing like it! It overlooks the Oia settlement from afar, and the entire north crescent tip of the island, perhaps the most unique Caldera view Santorini has to offer.

Luxury Suite For Two with Caldera View, Santorini at Andronis Concept

To that end, Andronis Concept Wellness Resort, located in Imerovigli, along a serene slice of the cliff, offers the Wet Allure, a private infinity pool suite in Santorini with amazing sunset & Caldera views. Within its split-level 55 m2 space, it promises a haven of serenity for two, filling your mind with visuals that will make your soul sing.

Luxury Suite For Four with Caldera View, Santorini at Andronis Concept

If there are more of you, then we say, the merrier! The Fabulous Suite for 4 guests is just what you need. This spacious 90m2 sanctuary is split across three floors and wields tremendous views from each level. It is the ideal option for families or groups of friends, with elegantly appointed interiors with impeccable finishes, separate sleeping arrangements and, of course, a private infinity pool that is the perfect spot to unwind and watch the sunset.

So if you’re planning on coming this summer and want to wake up to the most epic Caldera view Santorini has to offer, then begin by exploring all the luxury suites that carry the signature of Andronis and choose the one that inspires you the most. It may just be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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