Unparalleled Romantic Escapes at Andronis’ Santorini adults-only hotels

Guestσ at the edge of the infinity pool and volcano view from the terrace of one of Andronis three Santorini adults-only hotels in Oia

Nothing beats a holiday in Santorini. Is it the Dionysian energy? Is it the breathtaking beauty? Or could it be the allure of a vertiginous life next to a dormant volcano? We here, at Andronis firmly believe the answer is: all the above. When you add in the mesmerizing sunsets, the romance in the air, the delectable cuisine, and the finest wines, one could argue that even the Greek Gods themselves designed this Cycladic Island for their own enjoyment.

But wait, there’s more. If you factor in our signature luxury services that have a meaningful impact, staying at one of the top five luxury hotels in Santorini will make you feel like a deity.

Three of these are specially curated as premium Santorini adults-only hotels, that also welcome adolescent guests over the age of 13. Set in the island’s most iconic area, in Oia village, they offer stunning adults-only environments, laced with the elegance of simplicity and the comforts of modern luxury. Each of these hotels invites you to relax, unwind, and rediscover the finer things in life.


Havens for Adults-only in Oia

Starting off with a little background on Oia village, this is Santorini’s most iconic settlement. Adorned with a multitude of shops, stores, bars, cafes, high-end restaurants, and eateries, it is a vibrant place easily explorable on foot from one of Andronis’ 5-star Santorini adults-only hotels.

Choosing to stay in Oia is an exciting and popular option for first-time visitors, due to its vibrancy and breadth of amenities.

Spread across three stunning properties, gracefully carved into the face of the Caldera, guests will get to experience the best of both worlds: secluded privacy and immaculate Oia views. Featuring a variety of elegant Suites and Villas equipped with either glistening infinity pools or hot tubs, personalized touches at every turn, and some of the island’s most elevated dining experiences, the signature of Andronis is truly unparalleled.


We invite you to discover our collection of the best hotels in Oia Santorini, Greece, and choose the one that calls you the most. Apart from exclusive dwelling quarters, you will get to experience Andronis hospitality at its finest. Within the world of Andronis, luxury experiences encompass soul-stirring dinners at the awarded Lycabettus and Lauda Restaurants, along with moments of relaxation at the Mare Sanus Spa where our team of experienced therapists will tailor the available rituals to your individual needs.


Seeking a more adventurous experience?

Try sailing with the Andronis Ferretti experience for an indulgent half-day at sea. You can also add a dash of conspicuous consumption with our Mykonos Shopping Spree, where we whisk you away on a helicopter for a few hours while you peruse the shops. These are just two suggestions – Andronis aims to provide you and yours with the framework to personalize your holiday, creating memories you’ll want to share and relive.

If you and your loved one are seeking a luxurious and romantic experience for two on the Mediterranean’s most enchanting island, consider one of Andronis’ three Santorini adults-only hotels in the iconic Oia. Rest assured, they are poised to deliver an unparalleled experience.


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