Family vacation in Santorini

Can you remember a typical day of your childhood? Probably not! But we are sure you can vividly recall a family trip. Family vacations not only create beautiful memories but is also a great way to break the routine of every day. They are opening your minds to new cultures, foods, and experiences.  Do you want your kids to experience the magic of family vacation in Santorini? Despite being a romantic destination, our island can offer unique opportunities for all ages. Take a look at our list of family activities and choose the ones that you and your beloved ones would enjoy the most.


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The shining stars of Santorinian Cuisine

Cherry tomatoes, wild capers, delicious golden fava, and sweet white eggplant are the stars of Santorini’s cuisine. You can taste them in their traditional variations at tavernas across the island or seek out more sophisticated preparations at high-end restaurants. Before you leave the island, get a few jars or tins…

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Instagrammable spots to travel your soul

Most probably, Oia is a place that you got to know through social media. There’s a reason behind that, and it’s the fact that the whole island of Santorini offers impressive views and sceneries. That being said, yes, Santorini is one of the “Top Instagrammable Destinations”. The island is big…

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Luxury Suites to unwind in Santorini

Are you stuck at home and the winter weather makes you moody? We’ve got a solution that will gladden your heart immediately…Start making plans for your summer vacation! If you are looking for sun, beaches, and vivid experiences the Greek islands are an ideal destination. Whether you’re thinking…

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Breakfast spots to savour all day

Breakfast at Andronis Exclusive is a serious matter. Our menu suggestions cover all your nutritional needs, but you may wish to make your own combinations. Our catalogue includes a diversity of hot and cold beverages, various fruit juices, smoothies, and well-being drinks, a selection of different types of bread, homemade…

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Fine dining restaurants in Santorini

In the kitchens of our renowned restaurants, we are taking nouvelle cuisine to a new level of culinary excellence. The diverse and distinctive character of our restaurants and bars makes each one an unforgettable destination. Our team of dynamic and creative chefs expresses their passion for fine food in every…

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How to choose the right villa for you

You are planning your trip to Santorini. Your flight is already booked and the next thing to do, is, of course, book your accommodation. The possibilities in such a famous island are endless and you can’t seem to choose the right one for you. That’s why we created this article,…

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Sweeten up the holidays

You’ve decorated your tree, the stockings are hung and ready to be filled, you wrapped more gifts than Santa’s elves would have…What is left to do? Sweeten up the holidays! Either you want to impress with your cooking skills at the Christmas dinner, or enjoy the life-affirming procedure of baking…

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