A guide to Andronis Wellness in Santorini

Santorini, Andronis, Greece

September is a month of transformation. Leaving summer behind, it’s a time of transition and change in so many varying ways. It is a moment to settle down and relax. But settling down doesn’t necessarily mean being at home! September is the perfect month to combine vacation and relaxation! While the Mediterranean sun is still hot, you can enjoy the beaches and nightlife of Santorini whilst enhancing your well-being with a range of wellness and healing activities. With the tangible energy of the island so strong, Andronis’ focus has consistently been on wellness. There is no better person to talk about wellness in Santorini and Andronis’ wellness approach than Carla Sage – Andronis’ Wellness and Spa Director. We invite her to our blog and let her welcome you to a world of harmony.


Andronis Wellness approach

Be Destressed - Be Rested - Be Balanced

As we begin the journey into Andronis “Wellness”, we invite you to explore the world of spa, health, wellness, and self-discovery with us.

The Andronis approach is simple; we embrace you and your entire well-being as highly unique, after all, no two people are the same. Our key pillars of wellness give way to a full range of offerings at 3 spa locations on the energy-rich island of Santorini. Here the natural infrared radiation from the islands Hellenic Volcanic Arc creates the perfect combination of restoring Chi and Andronis‘ warm hospitality.

Through the power of science and scents, we have tastefully created our “thoughtful three” wellness pillars; Be Destressed, Be Rested and Be Balanced. With mind, mood, and well-being at the heart of our treatment creations we bring you an original combination of experiences unique to each of our spa’s environments while still capturing the essence of the Andronis spirit

A guest choosing between three bottles named "Be Destressed", "Be rested" and "Be balanced" as part of the signature Andronis wellness in Santorini

Evexia Spa - Andronis Arcadia

Join us at Evexia Spa, where living wholeheartedly in health and well-being is our creed. With sweeping views of the Aegean Sea, Evexia Spa showcases a full-service facility and represents the very essence of wholehearted wellness in Santorini.

A therapist pouring oil on her hand, abou to give a massage to a girl lying on her stomach, in Evexia Spa in Santorini

Kallos Spa - Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

If remedial therapy is your passion, Kallos Spa, in its ultimate dimension, combines physical beauty and the virtues of one’s soul while echoing the emotional energy of joy. It is the reason that this location is nestled high in the cliffs of the Caldera and is focused on the union of your wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

Round elements hanging of the glass ceiling in Kallos Spa, Andronis Concept Wellness Resort in Santorini

Mare Sanus Spa

Our boutique spa allows you to remain tranquil and in a healthful state of being, to ignite Mare Sanus. Hidden within the heart of Santorini’s Caldera wall lies the Mare Sanus Spa. Our exclusive Andronis brand offerings feature “The Thoughtful Three”. Whether you need to renew your spirit, restore your calm, or promote your inner joy, you can relax and let your senses guide you.

2 treatment beds in Mare Sanus Spa, in Oia, Santorini

We look forward to welcoming and assisting you to perhaps discover, or rediscover and develop your healthiest future all founded within our wellness philosophy that moderation in all things benefits us all and everything we need we already have within us.

If you need further information regarding our wellness approach and treatments be more than welcome to contact our Director of Spa & Wellness, Carla Sage at csage@andronis.com.

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