Paolo Griffa


Lycabettus Restaurant

Paolo Griffa

The Grand Hotel Royal e Golf Restaurant

The Event

Let Chef Paolo Griffa guide you through a journey of unique culinary senses at Lycabettus Restaurant…

About the Chef

Chef Paolo Griffa is the executive chef at The Grand Hotel Royal e Golf, the most historic hotel in the Aosta Valley and active since 1854.  Born in 1991 in Piedmont, the young Griffa graduated from the Istituto Aberghiero Giovanni Giolittiin Turin with top marks. He then started his professional journey meeting and working with artisans, traditional restaurants as well as Michelin-starred establishments both in Italy and abroad, such as Combal Zero(IT), Chateaubriand(FR) and Studio(DK).  Griffa was both ambassador and creative chef for Pavonii in 2016, with the launch of product lines that unite patisserie and restaurant cuisine, also collaborating to the writing and recipes of certain books. In late 2017 he joined The Grand Hotel Royal e Golf as the executive chef.

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