Seven days of wellness by Denise Leicester | Founder of Ila


This was a year, clearly different than the ones before. And we know that this particular period can be stressful for many, as we used to spend it with family, friends, or traveling around to different Christmas markets. Now everything is different and that is why, keep taking care of our well-being is extremely important. For this reason, we are sharing with you, tips for Seven Days of Wellness by Denise Leicester, a visionary who has spent a lifetime exploring the dynamics of natural healing


Crystals for Calm

You should trust the powers of nature, such as those of crystals. Each crystal has different powers and you can choose the one you need and fit them in your home. For example, Amethyst, the stone of tranquillity, is excellent to place by your desk when working from home for focus.



Morning Routine

Take advantage of zero commuting time by setting a productive morning routine, using the extra time for yourself. Maybe read a chapter of a book or write a journal of gratitude too. There are countless options to choose from, you should find the ones that fill you with joy and energy.



Fresh Herbal Tea

Fresh herbal tea is a therapeutic treat. It’s easy to find and has incredible results in your health and mood. Lavender tea is soothing at night, Rosemary is wonderful in the morning and Mint is ideal after a meal.



Break Tasks Down

Chunk big to-do lists and projects down to bitesize pieces. Give yourself one hour of uninterrupted focus on the task and give it your all – just for an hour. Then you can take some moments to relax and regain some energy to start again.



Bring Spa at Home

Begin with applying your favourite oil to hair and scalp. Take time to massage the scalp as this has profound stress relieving effects and work the oil through to the ends. Wrap your hair in a warm towel. Deeply cleanse the face with a clay based mask to draw out impurities and clarify the complexion. After removing the mask apply a rich oil to face and neck and massage in with slow, circular movements. Apply some gentle pressure across the forehead, eyebrows, cheekbones and jawline to relieve tension and stimulate circulation for a brighter look.

Trace some Gua Sha tools or smooth-textured crystals over the face to refresh and energise. Take a Chakra Shower (visualising each chakra being cleansed and energised by the flow of water) taking care to wash all traces of oil from the hair. Set the scene by spritzing the steamy cubicle with your favourite essential oil blend (or ila body mist) before stepping in and breathing deeply.


Stand Up

Get an app or use your watch to remind you to stand up and move at least once an hour. Walk round the garden when you are on the phone, dance while you wait for your food to get ready or stand up when you write emails, anything to not sit at your home desk all day.



Create Sacred Space

If you can, keep an area of your home free from work and digital distractions. Set your own boundaries that when you are in your “work” area you are working, but when in your sacred space you are free to interact with other household members or just sit and contemplate thoughts and activities other than work. The space could be the kitchen, the bedroom or a corner of the living room, but wherever you chose, make it personal to you. Keep some fresh flowers and crystals in the area, place your affirmation card there along with your favourite book and scented oil diffuser.

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