Find your inner balance at Mare Sanus Spa

2 treatment beds in Mare Sanus Spa, in Oia, Santorini

After a long day enjoying the warm sun of a Santorini summer, it is more than possible that your body will appreciate a special idyllic massage. Without ever needing to tear yourself away from the island’s magnificent views and energy, in Andronis Luxury Suites, there are exclusive massage sessions at the on-site Mare Sanus Spa in Oia.

The volcanic energy and the astonishing surroundings of Santorini inspire a wholesome desire for self-indulgence and caring.

By the side of the infinity pool, just before the sun comes down you can let your body be taken care of by the hands of two professional masseurs for a guaranteed moment of full relaxation.

The almond oil combined with essential oils used during the exclusive massage nourish the skin and leave an incredible sense of smoothness and softness.

Almond oil contains Vitamin E which, among other beneficial elements for the skin’s health, is also responsible for deep cleaning of the skin. Its antioxidant elements protect the skin from UV radiation damage, reduce the fine lines that come from exposure to the sun, and contribute to a full muscle relaxation.

And best of all you can enjoy this romantic experience gazing the starry night sky and silver moon while listening to the natural sound of sea waves. With this exclusive spa massage, you can count on enjoying an inner state of completeness and relaxation.

The essential oils used prevent the body from dehydration, revitalizing your energy and clearing the mind. The open-air massage lets the energetic touch of the island immerse the body and reach the soul to restore the inner balance with yourself.

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