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Visiting Practitioners 2022

The Wellness approach of Andronis is simple; we embrace our guests and their entire well-being as highly unique, after all, no
two people are the same.
Our team is devoted to providing our guests with a full range of offerings, finding the right treatment for each. Seeking to enhance the overall health and wellness experience, and add variety to our spa services, this year we invite 4 experienced Practitioners to join our team in Evexia Spa and Kallos Spa.

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May 24th – June 2nd Evexia Spa, Andronis Arcadia
With over a decade of experience as a bodywork practitioner in the health and wellness industry, Laura has mastered the art of her trade. Her careful and precise skill shines bountifully thorough in her technique. 

Her approach is un-rushed, intuitive, and authentic; there are no treatment routines, and no “one size fits all” approach to her treatments. Instead, she gives you time, attention, and care, embracing the nuances and complexities of each human being, and letting the bodywork take
centre stage.

Aromatherapy Massage 60 minutes // 90 minutes
This unscripted Aromatherapy Massage is individually adapted to suit your unique needs. Combining the natural therapeutic properties of essential oils and a range of diverse massage techniques makes you feel deeply relaxed and revitalized.
Energize, relax, balance, uplift, or cleanse. Decide how you would like to feel, take a few breaths, smell the essential oils then trust your intuition and be playful with your choices. Create your own bespoke blend!

Reflexology Reset 60 minutes
With a focus on relieving stress, anxiety, and mind fog– all body systems are given a general reboot and reset, helping the mind and spirit rebalance.
Restore, Rebalance, Equilibrium 90 Minutes
One of the most popular treatments from Laura’s menu with extended time to be total blissed-out, with a focus on restoring overall balance and equilibrium to the body – restoration of mind, body and spirit.




June 10th – 20th Kallos Yoga Studio, Andronis Concept
August 15th – 29th Evexia Spa, Andronis Arcadia

Having spent the majority of his life submerging himself in a plethora of various cultures and philosophies, Douglas has learned that the moments and experiences in life we all share require our full attention to truly appreciate. No matter your physical or mental state, he brings a simplistic approach to meditation where no certain body position, breathing credo or fabricated music has any influence on what is required for a quiet mind.
Having immersed himself in months of absolute silence coupled with the painful doctrines of some meditation dogmas, Douglas realized, that assisting others in making a difficult task as easy and practical as possible, would be his way of giving back to a world whose collective minds are in dire need of peace and tranquility.

Every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8am – 9am // drop-in session
Private sessions available, 60 minutes

Meditation in today’s changing world
This time with Douglas will begin with a short period of open discussion followed by an offering of insightful and helpful suggestions. Providing you with an immediate opportunity to practice, participants will then partake in a period of silence, all the while in bodily positions of comfort
and ease.




June 27th -29th | Evexia Spa
June 30th  & July 1st  | Kallos Yoga Studio

Ross is a women’s health expert and registered acupuncturist. A member of the British Acupuncture Council and graduate of the renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Ross J. Barr (BSc Hons, MBAcC), has, over the past decade earned a reputation as one of the foremost practitioners in his field.

Specialising in Five Element Acupuncture – the ancient Chinese theory that mind, body and spirit are made up of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water – his work involves balancing these energies to achieve ultimate wellbeing.
Through his work, Barr is dedicated to optimising personal health – whether it’s assisting in matters of fertility, helping to manage stress or sleep issues, or simply creating an overall sense of wellbeing.

Signature Five Elements Acupuncture Treatment
60 minutes 




July 12th – 22nd | Kallos Yoga Studio
July 23rd – August 2nd | Evexia Spa

Tammy founded Hanuman Yoga Retreat & Holistic Living in 2013. She offers a variety of approaches for wellness, healing, and connection. For her, life is an inward and outward journey to expand the relationship with ourselves, each other, and Mother Earth. Tammy guides modalities
that bridge the body, mind, heart, and spirit. She is trained in Hatha Yoga, QiGong, Innerdance Energy Work, TRE® (tension-trauma release), Laughter Yoga, Family Constellations, and Craniosacral Therapy.

Qigong: 60 minutes
Qigong (Chi Kung) means cultivating energy. Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that uses soft, circular movements while sitting or standing. The gentle pace heightens this meditative and mindful experience to let your energy flow. QiGong stimulates the body, mind, and energy while practicing balance, strength, and flexibility.

Every Monday, Thursday and Sunday from 8am – 9am, drop-in session

Innerdance Energy Work: 90 minutes
Innerdance is an energy work process that heightens one’s sense of consciousness for deep insight into your whole being. This is not ‘dancing’ in the typical sense, but lying down and being in a state of rest. Music with specific binaural beats and sound wave frequencies is used to bring the participant into deeper states of consciousness.

Every Tuesday and Friday from 8am – 9am, drop-in session

Restorative Yoga with Craniosacral Therapy: 90 minutes
Restorative Yoga is a deeply relaxing form of yoga with most postures taken lying down. Props are used to open up space in our bodies, with essential oils, hands-on adjustments, and craniosacral therapy added to settle into the experience. Restorative Yoga is a practice of slowing down, feeling nourished, and immersing into deep yet conscious relaxation.

TRE/ tension-trauma release: 90 minutes
TRE® is a natural response created by using seven simple exercises to open the psoas muscle.
Over the course of our lives, layers of stressful or traumatic situations accumulate inside our body and cause tension, pain, numbness, or hyper-reactivity. When the psoas muscle relaxes, neurogenic tremors unwind the body where there are points of restriction. This is a self-regulated, therapeutic, somatic response with profound benefits for sleep, anxiety, chronic pain, healing, and general well-being. This will be a personalized somatic experience working with the client’s needs.

Family Constellations: 90 minutes 
The client will share a personal issue that they would like clarity, healing, or resolution on. This modality is an experiential way to look at the issue within a larger context, primarily the family system. Working within the “knowing field”, the facilitator will experience and report the felt sensations of any being they are representing and how the beings are relating to others. This acknowledges truths, identifies missing elements or blocks, and moves towards resolution.
When ‘what has been unseen and unspoken’ becomes acknowledged, we can see how the system energetically shifts into alignment.
Channeling: 60 minutes
The client will share who they would like to have channeled. This could be a passed-on loved one, a spiritual being, your inner child, your higher self— anyone whom you would like to connect to and welcome into the session. It’s a chance to ask a question, have a conversation, or receive guidance