Begoña Rodrigo


Throubi Restaurant

Begoña Rodrigo

La Salita Restaurant

The Event

Discover exquisite flavours by Chef Begoña Rodrigo at Throubi Restaurant

About the Chef

Chef Begona Rodrigo is the Head Chef of La Salita.  Located in Valencia, Spain, occupying a building in the city’s Ruzafa district, La Salita stands out for its different dining options on the ground floor and the gastronomic restaurant upstairs. She came into the world of cooking almost out of necessity. “I have not decided to be a cook. Life has done it for me”, she assures. Her extensive experience in the kitchen does not come from family, nor from tradition. She trained in various hotels and kitchens before opening her own restaurant. Today, La Salita with 1 Michelin star is not her only project. She has united all her projects under the name of Anarkía, an idea that defines her ideas very well, crazy with a little from there and another from there. Doing what she really likes the most, what she wants.

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