Andronis faces food and wine


The chef Emannuel Renaut & our sommelier Sotiris Kandilis, share their thoughts about food and wine.

Diners at Andronis’ Restaurants should expect exceptional flavours from all over the island paired with the finest local and international wines, along with mesmerising views of the Caldera.

Emmanuel Renaut

Three-starred Michelin chef of Lauda restaurant.

Portrait of Chef Emmanuel Renaut, standing with his hands crossed in front of his chest.

—Tell us about the Andronis Culinary Experience. What should we look forward to?

Diners at Lauda restaurant should expect flavours from all over the island paired with mesmerising views of the Caldera. Let’s say it’s “local ingredients with an Emmanuel touch”. I have used many local products that I have gotten to know and love on this blessed island in my dishes. There would be no point in putting together a menu for Santorini’s Lauda and using French products. For the menu of Lauda, I gathered herbs from the island and went down to the Monolithos market to meet the suppliers and see the fish. I was really impressed by the variety and quality of the fish – and by the fava beans and capers. I should certainly also mention the Assyrtiko wine, which I consider one of the best wine varieties anywhere.


—Have you had the chance to meet any of the local suppliers in person?

On my visit to Monolithos, while waiting for the boat to bring out the catch of the day, I talked to one of the oldest fishermen on this island. He explained how they fish at different spots depending what they want to catch and he also told me about the Mediterranean slipper lobster (Scyllarides latus), which I cooked for the first time – it was very tasty!


—You first visited Santorini in 2017. What’s your favourite place to relax on this magic island?

I like to get up very early and walk the hiking path while there are not that many people outside. I also forage ingredients during my hike, which also relaxes me and makes me happy.

Sotiris Kandilis

His wine list enhances our dining experience.


—What’s the philosophy behind the impressive wine lists?

Our wine lists should be up to the standards of the leading restaurants in the world. They should also encourage discussion between customers and sommelier, which further enhances the dining experience.

—What’s the first Greek wine you’d recommend to a customer?

Visitors to Santorini want to try local products, taste the culture, get a feel for the place and become one with nature. A glass of Assyrtiko is the best way to taste this island’s aura and Greeks’ warmth and hospitality.


—How does the landscape complement the enjoyment of a glass of wine at Andronis restaurants?

Our hotels are strategically placed, blending into the Cycladic surroundings and offering panoramic views of the Caldera. This setting makes you feel closer to nature – sometimes even improving you, gives you the feeling that you can hold the world in your hands. Sometimes I wonder, is it the wine that makes everything feel special or is it the setting that elevates the wine?

—Have you visited the famous Santorini vineyards?

This land is infertile – burnt by the sun and quenched by evening moisture. These vines are almost two centuries old. They only have one chance a year to give us the fruit of our efforts. Yes, I’ve visited them, and everyone should. It’s the only way to understand that when you absentmindedly sip a wine in a restaurant and dismiss it, you’re also is missing someone’s meticulous efforts.


—What’s your favourite spot on Santorini to relax, get inspired and recharge?

Some of the most beautiful and quiet spots on the island are Pyrgos’ castle, Vlychada Beach, Megalochori’s picturesque alleys and Faros’ wild beauty.

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