Wellness Analysis


Wellness Analysis

Harnessing the latest advances in digital age technologies, Andronis has partnered with Dr. Zulia Frost to provide our wellness practitioner with the tools to analyze each guest’s specific nutritional epigenetic mapping.  

The wellness journey begins with our unique Wellness Screening and analysis through hair profiling. Depending on what time you arrive, you may wish to get started upon arrival. We strongly recommend for those traveling more than 5 hours to meet your wellness guide for a brief introduction to your stay with us, and then enjoy settling yourself and getting a well-deserved resting night.

The analysis is based on four strands of hair as well as their roots. The final report is based on over 800 wellness indicators and contains a wide range of nutritional information, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, and potential environmental impact information. 

 Our professionals will create a personalized wellness plan for you based on this report. It will consist of suggested therapies and treatments in our spa, dietary patterns you should follow, and daily habits you should adopt. Along with this plan and guidance from our trained wellness practitioner, we hope that you will recognize your full potential, find your balance, and reset your inner beauty.

Of course, how you will spend your time during your stay is up to you, but we recommend some essential experiences to make the most of your Andronis wellness vacation and customs to take back with you after you return to your everyday routine.

For more information kindly contact us via email at: concierge@andronis.com