Gilles Marchal

portrait of Chef Gilles Marchal

Gilles likes to remember his childhood in his village Lorrain Laneuvevilleaux-Bois (East of France) and his grandmother Jeanne who cooked the products of the farm and his father, chocolate representative he was doing melt with her mom to create her first treats. At 15, he clearly decides that his vocation will be that of a pastry chef. He returns to an apprenticeship with an icon of the Lorraine bakery, Maître Claude Bourguignon. In 2 years, he earned his diploma pastry-confectioner-chocolatier-ice cream and companion duty when he was not yet 18. Arrive 3 beautiful years from the largest pastry chef of Luxembourg Pit Oberweis.
Then he dons the apron of deputy pastry chef for 4 years at the Hotel de Crillon, then the executive pastry chef for 3 years at the Plaza Athenee hotel, then for 7 years at the hotel Le Bristol and 5
years as director of international creation at La Maison du Chocolat in Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong. After being elected pastry chef of the year in 2004 and medalist of the city of Paris in 2008, author of 3 books on pastry, Gilles Marchal finally sets his bags and settles on the heights of Paris, on the hill Montmartre at 9 rue Ravignan in 2014. It is there, in this Paris enchanted by a spirit of village, a privileged Paris where one takes the time to live and to know oneself, that it finds the inspiration and the happiness of ‘fully exercise his profession, rubbing shoulders with the personalities of television, song, music, etc …. Montmartre is and will remain a high place of artistic creation.

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