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5-Day Retreat | Practitioners

Nothing holds you back from enjoying the moment.
Andronis Arcadia invites you to reclaim joy & passion through:
Guided activities by renowned performers
Spa therapies by top practitioners
Inspirational daily workshops by celebrated experts

Luuk Melisse and Gabriel Olszewski

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Luuk Melisse and Gabriel Olszewski

Retreat leaders

A powerful team in both life and business, Luuk and Gabriel founded SANCTUM, a nomadic global community in 2020. Together they masterminded the technique of altering body frequencies with a powerful and mind-releasing class. Luuk conceptualized the Sanctum sequence, designed to push physical, mental, and spiritual boundaries. Combined with Gabriel’s extensive and elaborate background of over 20 years in marketing specializing in branding, communications, and innovations, the brand Sanctum was born.

SANCTUM is an unmatched sequence to empower the body and expand the mind. Designed to unlock human potential by reaching physical edge and mindful euphoria, within a class. Sanctum sequences are routed in multi-disciplinary forms of physical, emotional and mental conditioning
like high-intensity movement, Kundalini, martial arts and most importantly – the power of your mind.

Luuk invested in his personal spiritual development to design this outstanding work-out led through SANCTUM headphones.

Nicole Marry


Nicole Marry

Children’s Program

Nicole has been a family healer since 2018, here to expand the potential of human consciousness by working with parents as well as young children aged 4-12. With a deep interest in the inner and outer world she holds a degree in Genetics and Cell Biology, she is a qualified Theta Healing Instructor, Trained Sound Therapist and she is holding a PHD in Integrative Medicine based on Quantum Physics.

She is also a Master Me coach for, a U.S based coaching company where the focus is on coaching for those who wish to master themselves.

Eleni Panajotidis

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Eleni Panajotidis

Happiness Coach

Eleni is an expert for stress-relief, happiness and modern well-being. She worked with people from all around the world. She has discovered many different cultures and countries. This made
her very aware, enriched and educated.

She loves to connect with people and above all it is her strength to recognize their needs, to motivate and to help to anchor more joy, serenity, and fullness in life. We achieve the state of optimal health, happiness and well-being when we harmonize with our environment, our body and our mind.

Her integrative approach offers you new ways to start your journey to your true self. Ultimately, this leads to the hidden potential in us, what is necessary to let shine. Her vision is to create something that is sustainable. That helps many people living a happier and fulfilling life and makes the world a better place.

Boyan Dobrev

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Boyan Dobrev

Osteopath, the Body-Mind Connection

Boyan is a UK-trained osteopath who has helped thousands of patients in the last 15 years become healthier and feel more empowered when it comes to their physical health and mental well-being. He owned successful osteopathy clinics in Antwerp, Belgium and Mallorca, Spain where he currently resides.

His journey took him along an exploration of consciousness through meditation, ThetaHealing and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This led him to specialise in the MindBody Connection, which he will give a workshop, followed by a mindful meditation.

His mission is to not only help his clients become pain free again, but to empower them through awareness of how the MindBody Connection works in order to prevent symptoms from coming back.

Simela Chalkidou

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Simela Chalkidou

Wellness Chef

Simela is a trained Macrobiotic Health Counselor and Chef and a Life Coach. She has been teaching the macrobiotic way of nutrition and living to her clients in Spain and Greece for the last 13 years. Whether you want to optimize your health or address an imbalance in your body, start with food.

As Hipocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be the food” Additional there will be a holistic approach to health, taking in consideration simple exercises and habits to improve your health and daily well-being. Macrobiotics, the most balanced nutrition for your health, brain, and spirit.

Macrobiotics has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its ability to promote good health. It is based on the principles of yin and yang, using both the consumption of certain foods and the proper balance of activities to preserve the harmony of the physical and spiritual being.

Andrea Bohlheim

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Andrea Bohlheim

Andronis Group Director of Spa & Wellness

Throughout her lifetime, Andrea has been always dedicated to a wellbeing lifestyle. She is a holistic therapist, beautician, hairstylist, make-up artist as well a dedicated movement & lifestyle coach (Yoga, Pilates, Mind-Body-Dance etc.).

In her international career she has been working for luxury hotel brands as well as for private investors and luxury brands. Today, she is the Group Director Spa & Wellness for all Andronis hotels and her mantra is that happiness comes from within.

She is your Retreat host and she is looking forward to welcoming you!

Diana Smith


Diana Smith


The founder & creative visionary behind the good vibe lifestyle brand for the mind, body & spirit; Hadobody.

Dianna elected to have a double mastectomy in 2010 after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. Enduring this experience would launch her on a spiritual journey that continues to this day. She has transformed the way she thinks and feels through metaphysical studies, daily meditation and mindfulness. Dianna has combined her love of unleashing the power of thought with her fascination with fashion design to create a visionary brand based on the power of positive affirmations.

Her made in America garments are designed to gently promote energetic intentions while being incredibly comfortable and sustainable.