Olivier Nasti

Portrait of Chef Olivier Nasti

Know-how and sharing are the watchwords that guide the gastronomy of Olivier Nasti. The Chef has trained with many top establishments and Chefs, the values of which have branded the high-standard seal of his own culinary identity. Olivier Nasti nurtured his passion for cooking during the years spent training at the Château Servin in Belfort, with Olivier Roellinger in Cancale and with the Haeberlin family at the Auberge de L’Ill, the famous Alsatian Michelin restaurant.

Discipline, precision and high standards, the search for the right product and its enhancement, skill and techniques: these are all the qualities, the product of long and hard work, that led him to be chosen as the  Best Craftsman of France in 2007. He received the famous blue-white-red collar, a distinction that fully expresses his desire to go even further and perform even better. Know-how and sharing are the watchwords that guide the gastronomy of Olivier Nasti.

Now, at the head of Le Chambard’s kitchens and, in particular, his 2-star Michelin restaurant, Olivier Nasti continues to pass on his knowledge, whether in the frame of associations, the training of young apprentices, or competitions for which he sits on juries, or books in which he shares his recipes and secrets.

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