Jacob Holmström


Jacob Holmström was practically raised at his father’s restaurant. He spent a year at a restaurant called Linnéa, that’s where he first met Anton, with whom he now runs Gastrologik. After Linnéa, he spent two years working at Bagatelle, which later became a two Michelin starred restaurant. Later he moved to Paris where he met Pascal Barbot and he quickly got promoted as a chef de partie at Lástrance. After two years, the restaurant earned its third Michelin star. In October 2011, Jacob opened the restaurant, Gastrologik and in 2013 he got his first star in the Guide Michelin. Pascal’s techniques, his unusual ways of cooking and his way of treating the producers, is something that has shaped Jacob as a chef. At Gastrologik, he starts his weeks by going to his gardener and this is where the week’s menu begins to take shape. The price is not what makes the produce exceptional; it is the quality that does that. Working this way, by listening to the producers, he guarantees that the restaurant always has what’s best in that moment of time. And that is the Logic of Gastrologik.

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