Christian Le Squer


With 12 years heralded by three Michelin stars, Christian Le Squer is a determined Chef who defines himself as a creator of flavors and composer of tastes. As far back as his souvenirs go, there are certain smells coming from the sea and they all comprise the main thread that helps him to constantly explore flavors and harmonious associations. Christian Le Squer aims to perpetuate «the art of living à la française» at the heart of the Four Seasons Hotel George V. His «special touch» will be recognized as a cuisine of tradition with a modern outlook, strong and soothing and he wishes to create signature dishes while retaining a certain simplicity. While his greatest pride consists in engraving in memories a signature dish, a moment, a sensation, he also intends to offer a high-end gastronomical experience, keeping in mind a strong sense of well-being that is so important today.

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