Our Sunset Villas – The Glow Up!


We are thrilled to announce that your all-time favorite villas, Sunset Villa Socrates and Sunset Villa Aristotelis have now been renovated.

The impeccable beauty and luxury of these suites gave a whole new meaning to our interesting journey of hospitality. Countless memories and stories have been made in there since. Every summer they stand over the caldera in grandeur, providing their guests with romance and spectacular views.

Inspired by our passion for authenticity and constant evolvement, we decided that it was time for a change! We wanted our villas to match the latest trends and to provide our guests with unparalleled comfort during their stay. And this is how our villas’ renovation started…

Infinity pool and caldera view of Sunset Villa Socrates


It was about time for our interior designer Georgia Gourzela, to take over and put the plan into action. The main idea was to modernize the space, using today’s materials and processes but keeping the traditional elements untouched. Also, with the employment of all the natural resources at our disposal, we aimed at making the villa more energy-efficient than before.



Regarding the interiors, we wanted to follow a minimal approach so that the external view can be the one that dominates the senses. We created a natural ambiance by using the light scattering from the outside and natural materials. Such as wood, which is timelessly stylish and practical. Apart from that, wood gives a warm and pleasant look to modern interior design and functions as a decorative surface.

The addition of in-room bathtubs in both the villas is enhancing the romance. A “private pool” is created along the bed providing views over the caldera. Imagine spending some nights in this magical place.

Interior space of Sunset villa Aristotelis

Another interesting point of our villas’ renovation is a mobile wall in Aristotelis Sunset Villa. It gives you the option to separate the open-plan space into separate ones, providing privacy and a cozy atmosphere.

Modern elements, could not give a complete result, without the elegance of some traditional ones. This is why, we renovated our floors, using the same, traditional, handmade technique of forged cement.

Regarding the decoration, some key factors are the elements of geometry and our passion for playing with shapes. Absolute circles, triangles, and arches can be found from the wall-art in the living area to the bathroom, in order to create balance and harmony.

Also, the neutral colors and tones throughout the villas aim to complete this ambiance of relaxation and turn them into a place of complete tranquility.

The add-ons of designer items such as Muuto cushions and vases or Hay lamps and high-tech gadgets like our speakers are those that make the stay of our guests even more enjoyable.



There’s not much to do in a balcony with such a view.
The new furniture and the addition of the deck offer comfort and style. You can now spend more time of leisure while gazing at the panoramic scenery in front of you. With vistas over the alleyway of Oia, the lights of the caldera and the Aegean Sea the only thing you’ll want to do will be to relax and take in all the beauty of the space around you.

Andronis Luxury Suites' Infinity Pool and caldera view

The result has undoubtedly vindicated our initial idea of Socrates and Aristotelis villas’ renovation. Georgia, once again outdid herself, leaving us speechless with the outcome. Would you like to find out more about the architecture and design of our properties? Just take a look at our website!

Are you still not sure if one of these is the suitable room for you? Check this guide in order to find the right villa for you.

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