Andronis Group is constructing Staff residences to house its employees in Santorini


On September 20th, 2021 members of the Andronis Group staff gathered in Santorini to celebrate the start of the construction of their future homes.

The project will consist of a total of 200 houses, the construction of a significant number of which is estimated to be completed by May 2022, to accommodate the first residents of the upcoming season. In addition to the houses, the plans include parking spaces, a restaurant, mini-market, play area, free sports area, and communal laundry, to meet all the basic needs of their tenants.

Andronis Group, with this project, proves that the satisfaction of its employees is a priority and comes to provide a solution to the most basic problem of their stay on the island; the quality of their homes.

Mr. Miltiadis Andronis points out “Listening to the needs and desires of our hotel staff and always putting as a priority the provision of high-quality accommodation for all, visitors and employees, we decided to proceed with a project that raises the standard of living while promising a continuous investment towards this direction.”

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