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Dr Zulia Frost


Dr Zulia Frost

Dr Zulia Frost is a qualified medical doctor of General Medicine and Paediatrics, trained in Kazakhstan and holds a post graduate diploma in TCM and Acupuncture from Beijing University.

Zulia is a recognised pioneer in the field of Interactive Neurostimulation therapy. She was involved in the development of the InterX device and worked as medical director at NRG to realise her vision of this advanced technology to become a standard of care in medicine & therapeutics throughout the world.

Dr Frost runs a training centre for therapists in the field of pain management, rehabilitation and energy medicine. She facilitates clinical and scientific research, liaising with universities, rehabilitation clinics, hospitals and sports establishments across the UK and Europe.

Zulia has accumulated years of experience, solid knowledge and has helped thousands making her personal contribution to the promotion of healthy life style and well-being. Broad training and understanding of East and West therapeutic approaches combined with many years of experience makes Dr Frost’s a true expert.