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Experience Santorini

Let us guide you on what to do in Santorini that will make your time here absolutely priceless.


Daily Catamaran Sailing

One of the best ways to experience Santorini's famous scenery is from a catamaran, sailing around the unique and magnificent caldera. The well-equipped catamaran will stop at all the major sights including the rejuvenating Hot Springs. To end the tour, the Andronis team will prepare a sumptuous BBQ on board accompanied by free-flowing local wines, the perfect end to a perfect day.


Wine Tours

The tours are hosted by highly experienced sommeliers. Our aim is to provide a pleasant tour around the Island under a friendly atmosphere in the magical world of Santorini vineyard. Working along with half of the wineries located on the island, we have planned a tour that visits daily three wineries approaching each one of them from different perspectives. Every tour has been organized in such a way to provide general knowledge about Santorini’s vineyards, viticulture, vilification and wine pairing.


Unraveling the best views

The famous hiking path that connects Oia and Fira could not drop out of our list. It’s considered one of the most fun activities one can have on the island, as the route is really easy to walk and the view gets more and more rewarding every step you take. If you don’t feel like walking the whole path, we have a suggestion for you. Approximately in the middle of this route, you can stop at Andronis Concept Wellness Resort. There you can have a tasty meal at Throubi Restaurant or maybe a rejuvenating treatment at Kallos Spa.


Akrotiri of Thera

The prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri on the island of Santorini (Thíra) is one of the most important sites in the Aegean. In prehistory it was a well-connected Minoan port town, with connections to mainland Greece and as far afield as Egypt and Syria. As the town was covered in ash following a volcanic eruption on the island, preservation of the settlement is exceptional, making this one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece.


Santorinian Flavours

Cherry tomatoes, wild capers, delicious golden fava, and sweet white eggplant are the stars of Santorini’s cuisine. You can taste them in their traditional variations at tavernas across the island or seek out more sophisticated preparations at high-end restaurants. Before you leave the island, get a few jars or tins of these wonderful products so you can relive the flavor of Santorini at home.


Helicopter Escapes

The Greek islands are among the most popular holiday destinations in the world, rich in ancient archaeological sites, vibrant local culture and immense natural beauty. Some of the best known about their beauty are Santorini, Mykonos, Folegandros and Syros, which all belong to the Cyclades. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters, each island has its own distinctive beauty and charm. Together they are a small paradise in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Don't miss the chance to visit any of the islands with the ease of a quick helicopter flight. The helipad in Andronis Concept will make your helicopter escapes even easier to organize!