Asterios Koustoudis


Asterios Koustoudis

The Event

Il a considérablement contribué à la promotion de la gastronomie grecque dans le monde en participant à de multiples festivals culinaires internationaux à Mougins, Marseille et dans le sud de la France ainsi qu’au Bocuse d’Or à Lyon.

About the Chef

Talented Chef Asterios Koustoudis is the Executive Chef of Hotel Grande Bretagne and King George Hotel. Awarded with a Michelin star, Asterios believes in simple cuisine, gives emphasis on premium quality fresh ingredients and advanced cooking techniques in order to achieve clean flavors and create exquisite dishes. With his wide experience in Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, he has given a modern twist to the menus of both hotels capturing the essence of each season. He developed his culinary skills at an elite list of restaurants and hotels such as Macedonia Palace hotel and ‘Agioli’ restaurant at Electra Palace hotel in Thessaloniki as well as Pentelikon hotel, where he won a Michelin star for creating Greek Mediterranean cuisine at “Vardis” restaurant. He is currently the Culinary Director of Marriott International hotels in Greece. He has considerably contributed in promoting Greek gastronomy worldwide by taking part in multiple international culinary festivals in Mougins, Marseilles and South France as well as in Bocuse d’Or in Lyon.

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