Lugares instagramables para viajar con el alma


Most probably, Oia is a place that you got to know through social media. There’s a reason behind that, and it’s the fact that the whole island of Santorini offers impressive views and sceneries. That being said, yes, Santorini is one of the “Top Instagrammable Destinations”. The island is big enough for you to find your special spots for your “clicks” but we are giving you a hand by gathering the most instagrammable spots of Andronis properties in Santorini.


Gazing the infinite blue at Lycabettus

No matter which time of the day you’ll happen to be there, Lycabettus’ terrace is always magnificent. No wonder why it’s one of the most photographed places of our properties since it seems like it’s hanging on the edge of the cliff with the famous incomparable blue view surrounding it.


Views to start your day with

You don’t have to be a food blogger to make your followers excited about your breakfast photos. With such a view around our Deluxe Suite and a variety of colours and tastes on your table, your friends and fans are just a “click” away from going crazy! Needless to say, you won’t be able to wait for your pics to be up before you start eating these mouth-watering dishes.


Relaxing pool moments

Once again, we present you with a beautiful spot to capture throughout the whole day – Andronis Luxury Suites’ pool. During the morning you can take some photos with the clear light blue color of the pool being in the center of your shot. Another option is a photo of the two infinite blues coming together…the sea and the sky. When the night starts falling, the whole area lights up and the view of the white-washed buildings in the back makes the whole scenery look like it just came out of a fairytale.


Stairs to Heaven

We already presented you with Lycabettus Restaurant and the lovely view it offers, but you should know that the magic begins a little before getting there. As you go down the stairs, surrounded by the white walls, walking under the vivid colors of the bougainvillea and with the blue of the sea spreading in front of your eyes as a vail, you would be the perfect muse for any photographer.


Where dreams come true

There’s no much to say for this one…the picture talks for itself. The background of the houses in Oia is captivating, but seeing it from the edge of your private pool is what makes it even better. You could stay in your private pool for hours and daydream. For you, it’s a moment of ultimate relaxation. For your followers, it’s a photo that will make them LOSE IT! Is there a more instagrammable spot in Santorini?


Magical Sunsets from every Pool Suite

If the island of Santorini is famous for one thing, that’s its sunsets…That’s why our favourite feature of Andronis Concept Wellness Resort is that all of its rooms have direct sunset views. Get ready not to be able to decide which one of the photos you’ll take will be the best.


Breakfasts and views are the best energy boosters

Starting your day with good food is the best way to treat yourself during your vacation. But doing it in front of such a view is what makes it a truly memorable experience. Capturing the moment in a beautiful way will be a “piece of cake” as the scenery says it all.


One last click before your delicate dinner at Lauda

Take a beautiful picture as you go down the stairs to Lauda Restaurant and the blue view unveils in front of your eyes. Looking at the camera or not the scenery makes the ideal background for you. (Tip: save some clicks for when you sit at one of Lauda’s tables for your meal and a beautiful red rose is offered to you.)


White walls make the best canvas

The private balconies of Andronis Arcadia are an ideal place for your photo shooting. The white and earthy tones in the background are the best canvas, so the only thing you’ll have to do for a great photo is to use your imagination. Strike some poses, from “artsy” to fun, for you or your young ones, the result will be for sure great!


Cocktails, dreams, and sunsets

Following Andronis Arcadia‘s lifestyle philosophy, Pacman welcomes you in a vibrant & boho-chic area. The magnificent alfresco space provides you with unspoiled views of Oia’s spectacular sunsets, creating the best photography set. Photos with cocktails in front of the sunset are always a must.


Walking down to a wonder-world

Yes, all of our properties have such beautiful stairs spots. It’s actually one of the unique characteristics of the village of Oia in Santorini, as it’s built along the cliffside. The beautiful traditional gates of each room of Alta Mare Hotel, make the best frame for your captures.


These are only some of the most popular and photographed places in Andronis properties. Check all of Andronis Exclusive properties and rooms and find the one that better suits your taste (and Instagram feed)!

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