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3-Day Empower Retreat | Practitioners

Introducing the EMPOWER Retreat 2024 by Andronis Wellness: a transformative three-day experience crafted to reignite your connection with life’s essence, blending somatic, subconscious, and spiritual exploration. Set amidst an unparalleled natural landscape at the recently renovated Andronis Concept, we invite you to rejuvenate your inner strength and cultivate a profound bond with a fulfilling existence.

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Luuk Melisse

Retreat Leaders

Luuk Melisse conceptualized the Sanctum brand in June 2020, developing an unmatched sequence to empower the body and expand the mind. Following huge investment in his personal spiritual development; having spent time living with monks in silence, fasting in solitude in Mexican tradition on vision quests and an intensive exploration of Kundalini yoga in Sri Lanka and Bali, Luuk masterminded the technique of altering body frequencies within a class.

The Dutchman identified a deep lack of purpose within the fitness industry, led by the mindset of reinvention Luuk blended Eastern well-being practices with the world of Western modern fitness methods. He unveiled a means to restore balance to your mental, spiritual, and physical body by combining multidisciplinary forms of physical, spiritual and mental conditioning.

A heady mix of Kundalini yoga, martial arts, animalistic flow, breath work and modern fitness with elements of HIIT, garnished with powerful, carefully curated music inspired by Amsterdam’s electronic scene.

Taking influence from the world of modern dance and theatre where he began and gaining experience from New York and LA, Luuk is continuously developing his spiritual practices such as breathwork and reiki, as well as partnering with wellbeing summits to remain inspired by other artists, curators, and business leaders.


Gabriel Olszewski

Brand Builder, Marketeer & Innovator

Gabriel Olszewski, founder and CEO of Sanctum, a cathartic, high intensity mindful movement that empowers the body and expands the mind. With the release and reconnection approaches, we restore balance to the mental, spiritual, and physical body.

Gab is brand marketeer and innovator with nearly 20 years of international experience as Global Head of communications and Global head of Marketing for brands like (Johnnie Walker, L’Oréal, Milka. Apple) , who decided to quit his corporate career for a social wellbeing impact start-up called Sanctum.

His impact has led to grow the brand to a well known global movement passion, building a network with high profile institutions like the Global Wellness Summit or the iconic Journaling Intelligent Change.

The Sanctum Frequency festival in its third edition brought together more then 1000 souls to embrace the power of a likeminded community around the world.


Jess Magic

Heartist, Soul-stirring Songstress, Lifestyle Artist & Embodiment Coach

Jess Magic is a soul-stirring songstress, lifestyle artist and embodiment coach. She creates compelling invitations for people to interact with life from an open heart through the power, courage and vulnerability that  come along with authentic expression. As a story-teller, facilitator and mistress of ceremony, Jess Magic has been guiding intimate immersions and 1000 person audiences alike, using her voice and her “Heartistry” to  empower a shift from “consumer” to “creator” culture by breaking down the barrier between the artist and the audience and giving people permission to be raw, real, and deliciously imperfect.

Jess has been touring internationally through 5 continents and over 20 countries, invited onto stages at the Women Economic Forum, United Nations, Mind Valley’s AFest, COPP 22 International Climate Summit and was featured in The New York Times. Her signature program, “Free Your Voice” has been a pioneering body of work in the world of feminine embodiment in the virtual space, transforming ordinary zoom rooms into multi-dimensional ceremonies.

She has supported thousands of men and women from all walks of life in overcoming shame, fear, and self-judgment that have inhibited their ability to discover, experience and express their feelings and create intimacy with themselves and others as they come into full communion with their souls.

Her favorite saying is “We don’t sing to be good. We sing to be free.” As a song-writer, singer, sorceress and facilitator, she illuminates a path for people who are craving deeper levels of authenticity, intimacy, connection and personal freedom. Her goal with music is to bring more mindfulness (and “heartfulness”) into the lives of game-changing businesses and organizations to catalyze a shift that creates more unity on the planet by facilitating a form of communication that transcends language, culture, age, social status and other ways we compartmentalize ourselves and others.

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Ross J. Barr

Acupuncturist & Fertility Expert

Ross J. Barr (BSc Hons, MBAcC) is a registered acupuncturist and widely recognised as one of the leading health and wellness experts. With specialities ranging from women’s health and fertility to stress management and grief support, he has over the past fifteen years become known as one of the foremost practitioners in his field.

One of clients say: “I felt like my post-summer brain wasn’t at full capacity so the other day he“Frankenstein-ed me and put needles in my head. The next day, I swear toGod, I had too many ideas.” Celebrated for both his warm approach and the results he achieves, his work is regularly featured in the national press and has made him the acupuncturist of choice in both the fashion and beauty industries. It was Ross’ own personal experience that fIrst drew him to acupuncture. Following his father’s sudden passing, his mother, herself an advocate of alternative medicine, persuaded Ross that acupuncture might help himdeal with the debilitating grief of losing a parent.

“After my initial session, I remember it vividly even now, I walked out of the clinic with the feeling that despite everything it was going to be okay. With every passing week I felt better, and gradually, I began to fall in love with the medicine moreand more.” Soon after, Ross took the decision to switch careers and retrained to become an acupuncture practitioner

Cato Vermeulen (5)

Cato Vermeulen

Astrologer, Numerologist & Business Mentor

Cato’s journey into entrepreneurship was marked by a deep exploration of her own astrological blueprint. Raised by a mother well-versed in astrology, she was guided to recognize her unique talents and gifts from a young age.

This self-awareness unlocked a profound sense of confidence, strength, and purpose, setting her on a path of authenticity and fulfillment. In her approach to business, Cato challenges the conventional notions of success that often lead to burnout and depletion. Instead, she harmonizes the masculine and feminine pillars, believing that operating from feminine magnetism doesn’t imply weakness but rather a sustainable and intentional way of achieving goals.

For her, business is not a sprint but a marathon, and she is here to support her clients for the long run. Astrology plays a pivotal role in Cato’s work, serving as a guiding compass for herself and her clients. By tapping into her clients’ astrological blueprints, she helps them gain clarity on their essence, purpose, and the best ways to activate their potential.

Armed with this knowledge, Cato’s clients discover their niche, align their business strategy, and create offerings that resonate with their ideal audience. While astrology is the foundation of her approach, Cato doesn’t rely on fortune-telling or exact predictions. Instead, she emphasizes understanding energies and tendencies, harnessing the power of divine timing to make strategic business decisions.


Andrea Bohlheim

Andronis Group Director of Spa & Wellness

Andrea Bohlheim, Group Director of Spa & Wellness for Andronis hotels, is dedicated to enhancing guest experiences by infusing them with the transformative essence of Santorini’s volcanic energy. Her commitment to wellness goes beyond routine practice; it’s deeply connected with her lifestyle. Engaging in energy work, maintaining a carefully crafted self-care routine, and following a plant-based diet are fundamental aspects of her holistic approach.

With a diverse background spanning holistic therapy, fitness, yoga, personal training as well as beauty, hairstyling, makeup artistry, lifestyle practices, Andrea has established herself as a respected figure in the wellness industry. Her professional journey throughout the years has involved collaborating with prestigious luxury hotel brands, private investors, and renowned luxury labels on a global scale. Grounded in a perpetual spirit of youthfulness and spiritual alignment, Andrea serves as an inspiring example, embodying the harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Her journey underscores the importance of prioritizing self-care and recognizing the symbiotic relationship between personal well-being and corporate excellence.